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Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Romance Book Quotes

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. This week’s theme is all about our favorite book quotes.

I have been on a huge romance binge for the past year and I have decided to dedicate this T10T post to my favorite quotes from the romances that I have read this year.

“It roars and roars and when we’re both long gone from this world, it will ripple with whispers until the end of time.” — K Webster, Whispers and the Roars

“It was an ill-fated thing to claim that a heart is safe. Hearts are rebellious. The moment they feel trapped, they will strain against their bindings. And it was so with the Mountain.” ― Ellen Oh, A Thousand Beginnings and Endings

“You’re going to look in the mirror at the seventeen-year-old girl in a fifty-year-old body and realize you wasted so much time being devastated at how those fuckers didn’t love you that you forgot there’s an entire world of people who will.” ― Penelope Douglas, Credence

“I love you at your best, and I love you at your worst. I love every single part of you. I always have and always will. I even love the parts that I hate about you. How fucking weird is that? And I’ll continue to love you in every capacity, no matter how strange that makes me. I’ll fill in the missing voids of your heart with parts of mine. Together we’ll be whole.” ― K Webster, Whispers and the Roars

“Because the world tells me no, and it makes me want to do it more. Why should I be bound to their rules? This is my life. I want to live it. I want to taste it. I want to explore every forbidden and unknown thing.” ― Lily White, The Danger You Know

Tougher and smarter should be the natural evolution of a woman. It’s the only way we’ll survive as the “weaker” sex in this world. Weaker, my ass. ― Kennedy Ryan, Grip

“I can fight a dude who calls me the N-word,” he says. “It’s harder to fight a whole system stacked against me.”
― Kennedy Ryan, Flow

“That pain moves when you move; it mutters between every breath; it spikes your ears; it rips. You think pain can’t be any more horrible than that.

Until you discover that the well is bottomless. There’s always more.” ― Ilsa J. Bick, Drowning Instinct

“You’re a good guy, Cam.”
“No, I’m not.” He exhaled deeply and his breath was warm against my cheek. “I’m only good with you.” ― J. Lynn, Wait for You

“Rain is passion. It’s a scream. It’s my hair sticking to my face as I wrap my arms around him. It’s spontaneous, and it’s loud.

Snowfall is like a secret. It’s whispers and firelight and searching for his warmth between the sheets at two a.m. when the rest of the house is asleep.” ― Penelope Douglas, Credence

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