weekly update

Weekly Update

Hi friends! Happy Sunday! Welcome to my weekly update!

On the blog

Reading Update

  • Fear You – Currently listening
  • The Danger You Know – Currently reading
  • Nefarious – Finished but no rating because it’s only around 70-80 pages, I usually don’t rate short books
  • Untouchable – DNF at 39%

Coming next week

The Quarantine Book Tag
Maybe an audiobook review (that would be a first for me!)

ARCs I’ve received this week

Nothing to update here as I haven’t gotten any ARCs this week.

What I’m Watching

Nothing to update here either because I haven’t been watching anything. Not even YouTube is interesting to me right now.😕

Three Things

  • My town is starting to open all shops and businesses back up. My family will be waiting a little bit longer to go back to the way things were before this pandemic started. I just feel like it’s there’s too much at risk by jumping the gun and not waiting to be in close proximity with others. My husband and I are in agreeance about that so we will be proceeding with caution.
  • This week my kids had locker clean-out/just picking up everything they left at school. It was kind of sad. My middle child was in second grade this school year and this was also her teachers last year. She’s retired now. I was just thinking of how sad it is, because of the pandemic, that her last year teaching was cut short. She probably had planned on doing parties with her co=workers and even her class. She couldn’t do any of that. It’s kind of heartbreaking. I feel bad for her.
  • My friend, War, over at Warhawke’s Vault Book Blog does this series called Book Musings: Stripped where she interviews book bloggers. This week she has me on her blog! Go check it out! It was really fun and I’m excited to be on my first blogger interview.😁 (War, if you’re reading this, thanks for having me!)

How has your week been? Any fun happenings?


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