Tag Thursday | Football Book Tag🏈

Hi friends! Exactly a week ago, the football season, here in America, started back up and I have had this tag saved for several months now, so I thought today would be the perfect day for this tag! This tag was started on YouTube by Elliot Brooks. Let’s get into it!

False Start
What’s a book you had to start more than once?

I actually don’t think that I have started reading any of the books that I’ve put down, for one reason or another, again. I need to change that soon!

What are your Most Valued Pages, aka, which books do you value the most?

Look, I’m a book lover. I can’t pick and choose like that! 😂🤷‍♀️

Offensive Lineman
Name a really big book or series?

I recently did a book haul on this book and it is actually a bind up of a duology. It’s a thick boy though, it’s over seven hundred pages!

Name a debut novel you want to read or that you loved.

Garden of Witches will be a debut for Salem Sinclair. It will be released Oct. 31 and I’m super excited for this dark witch romance!

Peyton Manning
Name an author who has written two different books or series you love?

Lilly White has written books that I have loved, including the Antihero Inferno series and the (soon to be) Shadow Duet.

Lambeau Field
Name a book that’s very atmospheric.

Caraval was very atmospheric. It just pulled me in and I didn’t want it to end!

Hail Mary
Name a book with a great ending.

I can’t name just one because I don’t really have an answer for this other than all of the romances that I read that end in a happily ever after. I mean, what could be better than that?!

Name a book or series with intense fans.

I don’t really know because I’m in the fan community like that and I don’t really pay much attention to all of that type of stuff but I feel like Cassandra Clare fans are intense.

Walter Payton Man of the Year
Name an author who’s really charitable?

I don’t know of an author who is charitable in the traditional sense of the word but I think Pam Godwin is a good answer for this one because she is always running giveaways, whether on her IG or Facebook.

Name a book or series you’re SO TIRED of hearing about.

I mean… come on… do I really need to explain this one?

Brett Favre
What’s a book or series you thought was over but then more books were written?

Everyone The Danger You Know thought that this was a stand alone novel. Then, over the summer, Lily White mentioned that people had been begging for a sequel with one of the main characters friends and that she is going to deliver! I’m really excited for this one!

Name a book or series that people either love or hate.

I honestly couldn’t think of an answer for this, so I did what any millennial would do, I Googled it 😂 I looked at a few of the books on the Goodreads list and I have to say that this one fits pretty well, in my opinion! I was on the hate side. Had to DNF this one.

Trick Plays
Name a book or series with a plot twist.

A book with a flashy cover.

I recently hauled this book too and I love this cover so much!

Roughing the Passer
Name a book that you would love to throw at the author.

I listened to the audio for this one earlier this month and I don’t think I’ve ever been as frustrated with the plot or the characters choices as I was in this book.


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