Saturday Shelfie

Saturday Shelfie

Hi friends! Happy weekend! How has your week been? Welcome back to another installment of Saturday Shelfie. I know I said I would do these bi-weekly but, that just didn’t happen. Here’s to hoping I can keep my promise this time! 😂🤞 Let me remind you of what Saturday Shelfie is and then we’ll get into it.

Saturday Shelfie is a meme created by Kyles where we share all the books that we’ve added to our shelves over the last two weeks. (I’m just going to share what I’ve added since September started since it’s been so long since I last shared.)

So every second Saturday (maybe every week for me, we’ll see) I’ll be sharing everything I have been buying, borrowing, requesting and downloading in the previous two weeks. Now, let’s take a peak at those shelves! 👀

Physical books


I don’t actually buy audiobooks so anything in this section would be borrowed from the library, but here’s my list of audiobooks that I have checked out from the library. Just one, for now.


Now this one’s going to be a doozy. y’all!! 😅😅 A couple of days ago it was posted that Romance Free Reads made a “Stuff Your Kindle” post with over 250+ free kindle books. 🤯 While, I certainly didn’t get all 250+, I definitely did stuff my Kindle still. Also, some of these are ARCs, giveaways that I’ve won and even books that I’ve downloaded from prime reading. Let’s get into this section, settle in. You’ll be here a while. 😂😂🙊

Whew! I really had a good book haul this month. Now that my shelves and Kindle are bursting I think it’s time that I get to reading! What books have you added to your shelves this month?


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