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Teacher by Fiona Cole | ARC review

*TW at the end*

My second Fiona Cole book. My first in this series though and just so happens to be the last book in this series 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ Why am I like this? 🤣🤪 I think Mrs. Cole gave enough of the MCs backstories that this book wasn’t confusing. You can bet that I will be reading all of Fiona Cole’s backlist with priority for this series, though!!

edit is mine, pics are not

So, we’ve got dual POV in this book from both Hanna and Daniel. Hanna has had some traumatic past events that make her nervous around men. Because of that, she doesn’t sleep around or even date, like, ever. Hanna ask’s Daniel to teach her how to flirt, date and enjoy sex. Both, Hanna and Daniel enter into an agreement to get Hanna to accept and like sex.

The past is funny like that. It sneaks up on you when you least expect it. No matter how much work you did to accept and understand and move past it, it creeps back in like you hadn’t spent years of therapy working to be okay.

Then, there’s Daniel. Daniel also had a traumatic past relationship that ended in the worst possible way. He’s closed himself off from loving relationships for years, decades, even. He’s felt like he’s not good enough to find and have love.

“Hanna, I don’t do love, so we don’t have to worry about either of us falling into that trap. I like you. I like your friendship and talking to you. So, that’s all this is—a friend helping a friend.”

Hanna has my whole entire freaking heart! She blew me away the whole time. Her strength, courage and independence was admirable even in spite of what happened in her past.

Nervous because she looked at me like I was the answer to all her fears—to her future. Nervous because I liked it.

My heart broke for Daniel while he was trying to come to terms with the way he was feeling about Hanna. He had felt like he wasn’t good enough to have love for so long 😭😭He’s so sweet, caring and patient with Hanna. He will have you swooning the whole book!

Daniel never treated me like broken glass barely glued together. He treated me like a normal human being—a strong one.

This is the slowest of slow burns! I was literally questioning myself up until the very end like “will they actually be together??” Also, this book had me feeling all. of. the. feels!! If you’re looking for an emotional rollercoaster of a book then definitely pick this one up! I’d just like to add that, Fiona NEVER fucking disappoints when it comes to the sex scenes. 🥵🥵🥵🔥🔥

TW: suicide, rape, kidnapping, held captive

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