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Friday Favorites: Favorite New to Me Authors in 2019 – Blogmas Day 13

Happy Friday! Welcome to Friday Favorites! Friday Favorites is hosted by Kibby at Something of the Book! This is a weekly meme hosted every Friday where you can show off your favorites (or least favorites) based on her weekly prompts. Go on over to her page to see the rules and prompts.

This weeks prompt is favorite new to me authors in 2019. I feel like I kind of don’t read the same authors enough but I have found a few auto-buy authors this year. Also, a lot of these authors I knew of their work before this year, but haven’t read any of their work until this year. So, maybe they’re not technically new to me but let’s get to it.

  1. Helen Hoang wrote The Kiss Quotient and The Bride Test and I devoured them both this year, actually within the same week, I love the stories. She writes stories with representation in an area that I don’t see many stories about, especially romances!
  2. Samantha Downing wrote My Lovely Wife and, wow! That book was so cool! 😂 I know that it’s weird to call a book about murder cool but the twists in that book were so good. I was on the edge of my seat from the first chapter and it surprised me all the way until the very end. I loved every creepy little thing about this book.
  3. Alexa Martin wrote the Playbook series. I have only read the first book in this trilogy but I loved it so much that I had already bought the second book while I was still in the middle of reading the first!
  4. Lev AC Rosen has written several books but I’m currently reading Jack of Hearts (and Other Parts) and, let me tell ya’ll, I love this book! I’m having a blast reading this one and yeah Lev AC Rosen is definitely going on my favorites list! (Also, have you seen their twitter picture?!😍😍)

Well, that wraps up my favorite new to me authors of 2019. I’d love to her some your favorites that you discovered this year! Leave them in the comments or link me to your post! Happy weekend!

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