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Books To Read To Meet Your Reading Goal (Part One) – Blogmas Day 9

Hi friends! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you do any fun holiday activities?

Today I’ll be talking about books that will help you meet your reading goal for the year. I’ve put this as two parts because I’m just going to be talking about books that are 150 pages and less today. So, really short and fun books that you can zoom through in, like, an hour or less. Part two will be books between 150 and 250 pages. Also, some of these are books that I’ve read and some are books on my TBR. Let’s start with the ones I’ve read, yeah?!

I’ve read

  • The Test – Is a sci fi dystopian. This was intense and honestly a wild ride! I think I experienced every emotion in just 104 pages.
  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark – This is a children’s short story horror collection. I read this to my children but I also enjoyed it. Also, if you didn’t know, this book was made into a film and came out back in August.
  • The Avant-Guards – Is a comic about a transfer student that joins the school’s basketball team. I enjoyed this so much! It’s a really fun read and it has so much diversity!

On my TBR

I’ll break this section down a little bit more. I’ll start with novellas and then hit poetry and graphic novels.


  • One Bed for Christmas – Friends to lovers + snowed-in? Sign me the heck up!!
  • Desire and the Deep Blue Sea – The two main characters in this story are pretending to be a couple for a TV show. Then, they actually start to fall for each other. This sounds like a slow burn romance and it sounds like it will be adorable!
  • No Two Ways – This novella has a bisexual main character and is set in the Philippines. This novella is about the main character, AJ, and how her bisexuality makes her life a little more complex than usual.
  • Mapping the Interior – This is a Native American horror novella. The main character is convinced that he sees his dead father one night walking past a doorway in their home. Well, one night he follows him through the doorway, only to discover the house is much bigger than he thought. If he goes the wrong way, he will find things that are better off hidden.
  • We Have Always Lived in the Castle – I’ll just leave this blurb from a Goodreads review here, “Nobody does slow-burn, are-ghosts-real-or-are-the-monsters-people, is-this-real-or-am-I-crazy horror like Shirley Jackson. This book is brief, strange, purposefully vague, and terrifying. If you thought haunted-house stories don’t need prequels, read this and see how wrong you were.”
  • I’m Afraid of Men – This is a nonfiction novella about a trans woman and the exploration of masculinity before and after her transition. It sounds powerful and moving!


  • soft in the middle – A debut poetry collection about love, heartbreak, body image, how absolutely breathtaking girls are, flower blooms and starlight.
  • The Tradition – Poems that examine the personal, the political and how they impact each other.
  • The Octopus Museum: Poems – “This collection of bold and scathingly beautiful feminist poems imagines what comes after our current age of environmental destruction, racism, sexism, and divisive politics.”
  • Soft Science – This collection explores queer, Asian American femininity alongside artificial intelligence.
  • For Every One – Jason Reynolds’s rallying cry to the dreamers of the world.

Graphic novels/Comics

*I mean, those freaking covers! 😍😍

  • Love Is Love: A Comic Book Anthology to Benefit the Survivors of the Orlando Pulse Shooting – The comic industry comes together in honor of those killed in Orlando. This comic contains moving and heartfelt material mourning the victims, supporting the survivors, celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, and examining love in today’s world.
  • Book Love – A comic tailor-made for tea-sipping, spine-sniffing, book-hoarding bibliophiles.
  • Motor Crush, Vol. 1 – This is about our main character who is a motorcycle racer, both for a career and illegally. There’s also a sapphic relationship in this!
  • Spell on Wheels – A sisters-over-misters tale of three witches out to get back what was taken from them.

Alright y’all! I hope that I’ve given you at least a couple of books here that you will read to meet that reading goal! Let me know what you choose! I will be picking up quite a few of these myself before the year is up and we can discuss.

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