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Two Books, One Stone Book Tag – Blogmas Day 5

Hi friends! I was searching for a tag to when I came across this one on My World of Books blog. This tag was originally created by Shawn The Book Maniac.  It’s such a fun tag, let’s do it!

The second-last book you read


The Untethered Soul was the second to last book that I read. I thought it was ok. Some parts, I liked and thought were helpful other parts just seemed unrealistic. Not to mention that, after a few chapters the book became redundant and tedious. I just started to zone out. The last few chapters lost me when bible verses started appearing and “God” was dropped every other paragraph.

The second book from the top of your TBR

Golden Boy

Golden Boy is the second most recently added book to my Goodreads TBR. I added it when I saw rattletheshelves raving about it on an Instagram post.

Two 2-star reads

First, I want to preface this by saying that two-stars is not a bad rating, for me. I use the Goodreads rating and it means that it was ok. (See: don’t hate me for this😊)

The Unhoneymooners *deep sigh* 🙄😑 I’ll leave it at that.

Persepolis I read this for the Asianreadathon and I went into it completely blind. I, honestly, didn’t know who Marjane Satrapi was before this book. This is two genres that I , typically, don’t like. Historical fiction and biography. This is a biography in graphic novel form and, again, I didn’t think it was bad. It just wasn’t for me.

Two great books by the same author

Beartown, Us Against You The hype train is real for these books, folks! This duology is so good. These are gut-wrenching, complex and gripping. For sure, favorites of mine this year.

Two bails or two books you wish you’d bailed on or two books you hated

Night Film, Final Girls Two bails. Let’s talk about Night Film first I bailed because I thought it was very transphobic, racist and sexist. Next, Final Girls, I don’t remember how far I got into this, but nothing ever happened! It’s just painfully redundant and dull.

Two favorite reads so far this year

American Predator, If You Come Softly American Predator, literally scared me so bad! If you like true crime, this is a really good one to pick up. If You Come Softly, (my actual Goodreads review) “So, uh, if you want to be destroyed… pick this book up! Geez. 😭 “

Two new favorite BookTubers

Oooo I love booktube! 😁 One of my new favorites is Ali from HardbackHoarder I subscribed to her when I found her video, Reading BooksandLaLa Recommendations. I think she’s so creative and talented.

Another favorite who isn’t recent for me, but I love her channel so I feel the need to recognize her is, Lauren from Lauren and the books. She’s so adorable.

A book you’ve read twice

301082. sy475

Now, I’m not much of a rereader but, I first read this book right after the TV show, True Blood, had just ended back in, 2014-2015. So, when someone in a Goodreads group that I’m in wanted to buddy read this, I jumped at the chance! True Blood is one of my all-time favorite TV series’ and I love the books as well.

Two fabulous quotes from books you’ve read recently

Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares – The important people in our lives leave imprints. They may stay or go in the physical realm, but they are always there in your heart, because they helped form your heart. There’s no getting over that.

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer – I love reading true crime, but I’ve always been aware of the fact that, as a reader, I am actively choosing to be a consumer of someone else’s tragedy. So like any responsible consumer, I try to be careful in the choices I make. I read only the best: writers who are dogged, insightful, and humane.

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