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Mid-Year Reading Stats

Hello friends! I first saw this post over on Rachel Tea Reads blog and I thought it was pretty interesting so I decided to make a spreadsheet of all of the books that I’ve read this year, as well. Today, I’ll be sharing with you all my reading stats so far this year. Let’s get to it!

Books Read: 51

Pages Read (excluding audiobooks because goodreads doesn’t have page counts for those): 11,173

Average Rating: 3.72

I just want to add, here, that the zeroes are for books that I didn’t rate. I choose not to rate memoirs and biographies, most of the time, because it just doesn’t feel right putting a star rating on someone’s life/story/what have you.

So, looking back on this information; wow. I really didn’t think I was reading that much young adult! Bahaha Pffft, and I say I don’t read fantasy🙄 Ebook’s are definitely a go-to. I’ve had a really good reading year, so far, and I hope that trend continues.

I really enjoy looking at information in pie charts and graphs, etc. I hope ya’ll enjoyed this as well and if you decide to make some visual reading stats for us to look at, please let me know!


3 thoughts on “Mid-Year Reading Stats

  1. Love it!! Isn’t it interesting to see how/what exactly you’re reading?? I was definitely surprised by some of my stats, and I’m hoping to change my reading habits (especially branching out to different genres) before the end of the year!

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